We provide a wide range of heritage venues, private accommodations & tailored cultural experiences in unique locations such as zen temples, important cultural properties and world heritage sites with beautiful natural scenic view, located in the historical city of Kyoto and natural regions of Japan.


WEFT Hospitality is committed to creating a new standard of hospitality. One that opens doors and creates environments where you have the chance to discover and experience the unexpected. A new lifestyle experience going beyond usual travelling.

Key Values for
A Whole New Brand Hospitality Experience


We aim at providing a greater appreciation of Japanese culture overseas by sustaining the legacy of historical & cultural properties in Japan. Each of our accommodation and cultural experience are provided within historical and cultural places of great value that are primary not opened to the general public.


All our accommodations are designed under the guidance of top-level Japanese architects to ensure facilities have modern comforts as well as being in keeping with authentic Japanese tradition. A dedicated butler assist and take care of guests during their stay, ensuring an adequate response to guests own journey style and purposes.


All our accommodations and cultural experiences are 100% private, ensuring a complete privacy within historical and cultural places of great value that are not accessible to the general public.


We provide an exclusive access to stunning heritage venues, along with exclusive stay or tailored cultural experiences within registered cultural properties, World Heritage sites or hidden temples, not otherwise available. Each place has it own story and identity with special features that ensure a truly unique experience.


Protection of Japanese heritage & cultural properties is a social, cultural and economic duty. Through our cultural commitments & financial donations, we are helping to preserve important cultural properties and the legacy of authentic Japanese culture to be passed on to future generations.


Each venue, stay and cultural experience is tailored to provide a privileged inside into the host culture along with a lifestyle experience as a local. Cultural discovery, scenic places of natural beauty, serenity, spiritual escape... let enjoy a personal & immersive journey going beyond usual travelling standards.

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