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Private Rental of the World Heritage Ninna-ji Temple :
Make yours the former retreat of Japanese Emperors

– Overview –

A UNESCO world heritage temple in Kyoto, Japan, Ninnaji is now available for MICE activities and corporate events. Located nearby the world famous Golden Pavilion, Ninnaji is one of the most prestigious imperial lineage temples in Japan. This vast temple can be privatized for your private dinners and cocktail parties, seminars, exhibitions, and also offers cultural experiences and meditation sessions. An rare venue combining art, culture and spirituality within a gorgeous natural landscape, unique in Japan.


– Ninna-ji  Venue | Features –
  • Exclusive rental of the historical premises of Ninna-ji (World Heritage)
  • Special access to some strictly closed cultural properties and national cultural assets
  • Private rental of the scenic garden of the former imperial residence
  • Private use of the imperial ceremonial main building with its multi-use annex rooms
  • Exclusive entry into the private imperial Tea Room of Ninna-ji


– Ninna-ji  Venue | Services –
  • Academic / Corporate Seminar
  • Arts Performance (Noh theater, Live Calligraphy, Shomyo Buddhism chant…)
  • Brand Exhibition / Private Sales
  • Corporate Event
  • Cocktail & dinner party
  • Concert (Gagaku music, classic chamber music, opera singer…)
  • Cultural Experience (Group Meditation, Tea Ceremony, Floral Arrangement…)


– Tailored Cultural Experiences –
  • Buddhist vegetarian Shoujin-ryori dinner within the imperial ceremonial room
  • Live performance of Gagaku imperial court music
  • Exclusive Omuro School Flower Arrangement Ikebana demonstration
  • Special Tea Ceremony within the historical imperial Tea room of Ninna-ji
  • Special Shingon esoteric fire ritual


– About Ninna-ji Temple –

Ninna-ji is the head temple of the Omuro school of the Shingon Sect of Buddhism in Japan. The temple was founded in 888, during the Heian Period, by the retired Emperor Uda, who became the first aristocratic priest to get in residence in Ninna-ji. From this date to the end of the Edo period, the temple saw a succession of head priests of imperial lineage, according to the tradition for reigning Emperors to send a son to the temple to take over as head priest when a vacancy arose.

Most of the surviving buildings date from the 17th century. The temple itself features some beautifully painted screen walls, a beautiful walled garden and a five-story pagoda of 33 meters in height. Ninna-ji is chiefly impressive during Spring, thanks to an orchard of late blooming dwarf cherry trees called Omuro-zakura that bring together an stunning forest of flowers in late April.

Nowadays, Ninna-ji is part of the Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto registered as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is just located nearby the world famous sites of Kinkaku-ji, Ryoan-ji Temple and Myoshin-ji Temple.


– Discover Ninnaji Temple, One Night to Experience 1,000 years of Japan –


Ninna-ji - World Heritage Temple Venue


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